Product Photography with Vladimir Morozov: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions


What is the key to success in product photography, what’s the right way to set up light, and is it possible to make the lighting equipment with your own hands? A famous advertising photographer Vladimir Morozov answers these and other questions especially for readers of the “Free Shooting Angle”.




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Multiple Exposure with Profoto D4 Air

20.06.12_Cardhu_0050 In this article of “How to” series I am going to tell about shooting a still life using multiple exposure.

As a technical trick, multiple exposure is not that new technique; from time to time it has been more or less popular among photographers. What is the meaning of this special effect? Everything is that easy: in the age of analog photography, one and the same frame of film was exposed two or more times. Joining of several subjects into one final image gave sometimes interesting results.


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Shooting of Moving Liquid

Shooting liquids is a very interesting and at the same time hardly predictable process. As a rule, the sessions tend to take a lot of time, because a photographer has to make many shots with pretty lengthy technical breaks in between. However, the result can be beyond any expectations of the photographer and his or her customer. So, the game is well worth playing.



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J.P. Chenet


Sometimes when shooting a still life you can get interesting depictive effect using local light strokes. I’d call it the style of photographic minimalism. A successful shot is always born spontaneously, it develops in the photographer’s head as a jigsaw puzzle image. We look at habitual, common subjects without focusing on them, without even noticing them. However, as soon as a ray of light falls upon a familiar subject in an unusual way, our conscience immediately adds missing elements, and an image appears on your mind.


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Spoon with Fruits

Lozhka_fragment-300It was summer, with plenty of fruits and berries around. I’d like to take a still life, but with something really particular in it: something unusual, big, laconic, and bright. Once in a shop I saw a big spoon. By the way, when I go shopping I look at all goods only from the point of view of using them as props for shooting.

Well, the spoon was a good thing: nicely shaped, carefully manufactured, with a voluminous handle. These advantages can always effectively play visually, and I shot lots of spoons before, so I am kind of an expert in them. As usual, the decision came unexpectedly: my concept was to combine the scarcely detailed graphic spoon with a bright and colorful still life in one composition.

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Color Riche


Shooting for advertisements, photographers often have to do rather simple jobs. The most important thing is to quickly turn the art director’s concept into a decent quality image. And the Color Riche brochure cover is a good illustration of my words.

I had to set up a laconic composition from a small amount of lipstick cases. Reflections always give images a premium look, so I chose milky plexiglas with glossy surface as a background for my still life.


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